• Dandy Tailoring Bespoke Pocket Square


      Produced by one of the leading English cotton mills these pocket squares from international bespoke suit company Dandy Tailoring are...

    • Spiegelau Barrel Aged Beer Glass


      Barrel Aged Beers represent the height of a brew masters talent and passion. The impartation of long-term wood aging on...

    • Spiegelau Vino Grande Digestive Set of 4


      There are countless digestives produced around the world but one glass perfect for serving them. After enjoying a big meal sit...

    • Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Set


      This tasting kit from Spiegelau includes four of their specialised Beer Classics glasses - designed for varietal specific beer tasting...

    • Lamy Lx Fountain Pen Medium Gold


      Modeled on the famous Safari the LC adds a touch of style with a new, eye catching finish, in rose...

    • Centellino Decanter 125ml


      The Centellino began its life as a special ladle used in medieval bars that the servers would use to scoop...

    • Xikar Xidris Canary Yellow Lighter


      Subtle curves and sharp lines - the Xidris is the super car of high performance jet lighters. Place your thumb...

    • Nachtmann Aspen 7 piece Whiskey Set

      $109.95 $199.95

      Drinking fine whiskey should be an experience from the very start, dress your whiskey for success! A division of Riedel...

    • The Jarrah Baron - Fountain Tip


      West Australian Jarrah has a beautiful curly texture and grain. As a durable hardwood the timber is sought after for furniture, structural timber, railway...

    • Bellroy Travel Wallet RFID Caramel


      Bellroy’s Travel Wallet aims to take away some of the stresses with traveling. No more fumbling through bags and pockets...

    • Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy Gran Cru (260 Year Celebration Set)


      Your chance to own two of the glass that was called "the finest burgundy glass of all time" for the price of...


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    • O Series Pay 6 Get 8 Chardonnay


      A true value set for the Riedel enthusiast - Get 8 of these Riedel Glasses for the price of 6....

    • Riedel Eve Decanter


      Evocative, Inspiring, Elegant, Eve. The Eve decanter is easily the most well known and recognised of all Riedel decanters. The...


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